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"Being involved in the Freelance Filmer Program by oVRcome has been great, especially during these uncertain times with COVID. Support was always available regarding the specific shots, and payments were prompt. It suits me well and means I can film when I want"
Archie Alde, Phillipines
The oVRcome Freelance Filmer Program (oFFP) gives creators that specialize in VR filming the chance to earn per video they film for us. You receive an initial payment for supply, and an ongoing royalty per view.
How does it work?
Each week, we send out our shot list to oFFP members. This shot list may relate to a specific category e.g. automobile footage and will have some specific details what we'd like to include e.g. car interior, ninety seconds. This will also include the amount we're paying per clip.
If you're interested, you can go and film those videos.
Provided your video meets the criteria for the video, you'll be paid.
What are the shot specs?
Normally, they are static shots filmed on a tripod for around ninety to one hundred seconds, min 5.7K, Monoscopic, 30 FPS but we'll provide a custom export preset for.
How do I sign up?
Get in touch and we'll review your portfolio. You'll then be sent the oVRcome Filmer Program (oFFP) terms and conditions to review.

Success! Message received.

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