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Bespoke VR Solutions

Embrace the opportunities that Virtual Reality can provide to your organisation through oVRcome’s bespoke solutions, a new offering by oVRcome. Do you have a process improvement idea that could involve VR at scale? Leverage our expertise in delivering VR to individuals and psychologists all over the world for the benefit of your organisation through the oVRcome platform.

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Some of our work


The NHS using VR to help
children and adults with
Learning Disabilities

why-kei-8e2gal_GIE8-unsplash (1).jpg

An insurance company delivering a driver rehabilitation programme for 10% the cost of traditional treatment using VR

luis-villasmil-4V8uMZx8FYA-unsplash (1).jpg

A staff training tool for customer aggression

Tailored to you

Our bespoke solutions ensure that the VR experience can be tailored to your specific needs, at scale and meet the needs of the modern hybrid workforce.


A client ‘Dashboard’ allows you to support and monitor individualised programmes for employees with options to join in the VR session. The combination of our smart phone app and headset allows engagement at the workplace or in the home environment, ideal for hybrid working or supporting staff in remote locations.

The potential applications are endless but include::


High Performance Sport:

Better supporting such things as:

  • game intelligence

  • anticipation and

  • reflexes.

Workplace Training

For supporting such things as:

  • replicating potentially dangerous scenarios safely

  • learning a range of soft skills and

  • stimulating behavioural change, from management & leadership, speech delivery and customer service



Providing students with:

  • memorable and immersive experiences

  • an engaging way to learn

  • inspiration as they can experience extraordinary environments only possible in VR

At oVRcome we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and make a difference in the world.

See how VR can help your organisation

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