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Help Your Child Calm Their Nerves

Does your child suffer from anxiety, phobia, or fear?


If needles freak them out, dogs make them cry, or spiders send them screaming - try oVRcome’s psychologist developed virtual reality exposure therapy for children and adolescent anxiety.

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VR Technology trusted by clinics including:

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A Low-cost, At-home,
Easy-to-use Anxiety Solution

Fear isn’t easy for your child to experience or for you to manage. Don’t struggle with your child’s anxiety alone when help is at your fingertips.

Something for all ages


5-9 years


10-13 years


14-17 years

Why choose oVRcome? 

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oVRcome sets your child up for success

by teaching them why they have fear and giving them the skills to manage it in language they understand.

All while keeping control in your hands

You know your child best. Your superpower is understanding the pace they can manage, the times they need most support, and the fears they avoid most.

The oVRcome program consists of a smartphone app and the parent dashboard which is a powerful tool that lets you accelerate and monitor your child’s progress.

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Here's how it works

Step 1

You go through the parent psychoeducation program on the smartphone app. This explains child and adolescent anxiety, what your child is learning, how you should build their VR exposure therapy hierarchy, and how to use your dashboard.

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Step 2

Your child gains knowledge and learns anxiety coping skills from the teaching modules.

Step 3

When it’s time to build their exposure hierarchy, you’ll take the reins. You’ll log into your dashboard and select VR simulations according to the situations and environments that affect your child most.

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Step 4

As your child goes through VR exposure therapy, you’ll be able to see what they see through your dashboard, check how much time they’ve logged in practising, and see their fear ratings over time.


What you get

Sign up for the oVRcome Child and Adolescent program and you get:

Kids 5-9

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The oVRcome VR headset 


Your child’s VR animation knowledge and skills modules


Your own psychoeducation audio modules 

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A fun workbook to print out


Full access to oVRcome’s entire VR library


Dashboard access 


Helpful e-books written by our team of clinical psychologists

What you get

What others are saying
about oVRcome

My daughter has been using oVRcome every day. I watched the early modules with her, which helped me explain it and to show we are in this together. It has been a lifesaver because we have a plan and because it is working. I have been recommending this to anyone that will listen!

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My daughter was surprised to see many of her symptoms noted here. She listened to the modules and found it reassuring to know it wasn't just her, and there are strategies she could use on her own, and practise in her own time. She has been receiving some counselling and liked that it was an app that she could use when it suited her -  not the stress of seeing a counsellor.

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My 5-year old loves the animations and the headset! This makes it so much easier for her to listen to the oVRcome voice tell her all about how not to be scared of spiders! (She would refuse to listen to me tell her that!) She used to jump out of her skin, and now she says, “Look mama, spiders are our friends!” Great program, highly highly recommended.

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Get started today!

$199 USD / year

Equivalent to $16.58 USD / month

+ FREE VR headset* + shipping costs


$29 USD / month

VR Headset $29 USD + shipping costs

Automatically renews. Cancel anytime.
* Website only special

Current oVRcome phobias

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