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Figure Skating

The National Sports Center Skating School offers several options for skaters who have progressed through our Learn to Skate program. We strive to develop each skater’s interest and potential in the sport of figure skating in a supportive and fun environment while promoting the highest level of professionalism and good sportsmanship.

Ice Contract

Please use the following contracts to secure ice time. They are in PDF format for convenient download and printing.

  • Offered to skaters who wish to purchase additional practice time to work on skills.
  • Can be purchased by skaters to schedule private lesson time from one of our qualified staff instructors.
  • Fee covers ice only.
  • Instructor fee is additional and is paid directly to the instructor.
  • For list of private instructors please contact skating school at 763-717-3891, email or 763.717.3209, email or check the NSC Figure Skating Staff page. All guest coaches must obtain permission from the skating Directors prior to coaching and be approved by the NSC Figure Skating Department to coach on any NSC ice time, Pro’s ice, ice contract or open skate.
  • During the contract registration window, please check the on-line registration system for session openings. Sessions are filled on a first come-first serve basis.
  • Refund Policy
    - No refunds on contract ice. However refunds due to serious injury will be given with a doctor's note. Note must be received 72 hours from date of injury.


Forms and links

Advanced LTS / ISI Freestyle / Technique Group Classes

Spring II 2023 <> May 2 - 31, 2023


Axel Axelerate (Freestyle 4 - 5)

Group class for skaters interested in working on drills and exercises that are axel specific. 6:10 - 6:25p off ice and 6:30- 6:45p on ice
Spring II 2023 <> Tuesday 6:10 - 6:45p <> $85

Technique Half/Single to Axel (Freestyle 1 - 3)

Off Ice Group class focusing on flexibility, movement, spinners, agility, alignment and more
Spring II 2023 <> Tuesday 6:50 - 7:20p <> $85

ISI Freestyle 1 - 4

On ice group class for skaters who have passed at least the ISI Delta level. Class levels Freestyle 1 - 4, skaters will be grouped by ISI Freestyle level
Spring II 2023 <> Tuesday 6:15 - 6:45p <> $85

Learn to Skate PLUS

We will introduce many basic skating skills from various levels as well as introduce beginning jumps & spins. The LTS+ program is for Learn to Skate students who are interested in adding additional training to their group class or private lessons to fast track through the learn to skate levels and introduce skills more specific to figure skating sooner than the traditional learn to skate program. <> Must also be enrolled in traditional group classes or private lessons.
Spring II 2023 <> Tuesday 6:15 - 6:45p <> PreAlpha/Alpha <> $80
Spring II 2023 <> Tuesday 6:45 - 7:15p <> Beta/Gamma/Delta <> $80 
Spring II 2023 <> Wednesday 6:30 - 7p <> Beta/Gamma/Delta <> $80

ISI Freestyle Testing

Freestyle 1 – 10 testing

  • Registration Link <> Registrations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. No refunds
  • Upcoming test dates
  • May 13, Rink 3, 8 - 9:30 am
  • June 20, Rink 3, 1:30 - 3 pm
  • July 18, Rink 3, 1:30 - 3 pm
  • August 10, Rink 3, 1:30 - 3 pm

US Figure Skating Club/Northern Blades NSC FSC

In addition, we also have a US Figure Skating Club associated with our program (membership required). Please refer to the Northern Blades NSC club website for more information on their programs.

Skating Contacts

Anna Leik

Phone: 763.717.3209 Fx: 763.785.5650

Jane Schaber

Phone: 763.717.3891 Fx: 763.785.5650

NSC Fund For Play

The NSC Fund For Play is the contribution and donation arm of the National Sports Center Foundation. We are dedicated to improving the lives of Minnesota residents by creating programs and initiatives that support a diverse and engaged community. If you would like to make a donation to improve the health, well-being, and outlook of participants through access to sports and healthy, safe environments, please click HERE.

Thank you for considering!